Tuesday Topic, May 1, 2018

Tuesday Topic 2018-11                                       May 1, 2018


Board of Director’s Meeting is Saturday May 5, 2018at 9:00 A.M.  The agenda will be posted on the Summit Website. All owners are invited to attend.

Register on The Summit official website to receive notifications via your email when news, alerts or articles are posted on the web site.

http://www.summit-resorts.com    soaowner is the password.

The Board meetings are videoed live and can be viewed in real time (minus a few seconds) on the Facebook Summit Owner’s page thanks to owner Rick Bacon.

Get your NEW Red and White OWNER ARMBANDS– New red and white swirl silicon armbands for owners have arrived.  The blue swirl will no longer be honored.  You may stop by the bookkeeper or general manager office to pick up your new red and white bands when you are at The Summit.  Armbands will not be mailed. Armbands issued will be recorded on an Armband Issue Log.  A reminder owner bands are for owners and their immediate family. The cost for a replacement armband will be $10.00 each

Owner Parking Passes- Every Owner should now have the blue parking passes.  If you trade cars see the bookkeeper or general manager when you are at the Summit to get your blue owner parking pass.  The Summit office maintains a log of all unit numbers and the decal numbers issued to each owner.  In addition to this information the SOA has requested owners submit a completed Vehicle Information Form. Owner will be issued decals only for the actual vehicles owned and registered with the Association, via the Vehicle Information Form which will be maintained by the office.

If the office is closed, Security will issue a Temporary Pass issued with an expiration date of the following business day.  Security will document and provide to the SOA office the unit and vehicle license plate number for follow-up or action.