Restore-One FAQ’s

Frequently Asked Questions and Answers from Restore One-

1. How long will the repairs take in my unit?

It will take approximately 2 weeks from day of starting a unit to finish clean up. 

At that time the unit will then be released back to the owner for the final repairs and or painting. 

2. Can someone be staying in the unit during the repair process?

Yes, but Restore One will be moving and covering furniture with plastic, covering the floors with Ram Board, removing blinds, draperies, cabinets and toilets if necessary. NOT ALL UNITS WILL NEED CABINETS AND TOILETS REMOVED. 

There will be dust and debris while repairs are being performed. 

Restore One will not be putting back the furniture at the end of every day or doing a full clean. It will be uncomfortable to stay in the unit during the repair process, that is why we suggest to block units from being rented. 

3. Who is responsible for the flooring,cabinets,etc.?

After Restore One is completed with the HOA portion of the repairs it is up to each individual owner to reinstall, repair or replace all finishes including floors and cabinetry. 

4. Do I need to be there during the repair process?

No, but any personal or valuable items should be removed from the unit. Restore One will take no responsibility for these items this is the owner’s duty. 

5. Will my belongings and furniture be put back?

No, after repairs are completed Restore One will remove plastic from the furniture, Ram Board taken up from the floor and a construction clean will be done.

6. When will the doors and windows be replaced, or repaired?

The broken out glass in the windows will be temporarily repaired with a single layer of glass. Restore One is working with a local business to get that done. That will not be done unit by unit like the drywall replacement but as a building all at one time according to the contractor’s schedule. The sliding glass door that need repair, not replacement will be also taken care of in the same manner. 

The HOA is trying to get a sliding glass door approved for the units that need full replacement. We are working on that and should have an answer shortly. 

7. Do I need to do anything to allow work to be  done in my unit?

Yes ,you will need to sign and return an acceptance letter which will state you would like Restore One to perform the necessary repairs in your unit. 

If you choose not to have the repairs done you will also need to sign and return a document. 

Both letters will be provided by the HOA.

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  1. Restore 1 will not replace my new bathroom vanities. not acceptable They pull out they should replace what they did if not I DO NOT WANT THEM IN MY UNITE. I herd of there work like roof repair temporary roof $250000 really? Put-on the permit roof and save us $250000 Thanks Mark

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