Tuesday Topic 1/22/19

Tuesday Topic 2019-03                                                          January 22, 2019

Those on the 14th floor should have received an email about Restore One beginning work on the 14th floor January 28, 2019. You must return the appropriate letter to accept, defer or deny work in your apartment. They will be complete with all work on 15th by end of next week. 

POOLS: The pools are not quite ready for swimmers yet. The hot tubs are up and running. The pool deck and chairs are being cleaned. Excessive sand has been removed from the sides of the boardwalk and the playground. 

On Wednesday, January 23 and Thursday January 24, beginning about 9 each morning, we are having both the Annual Fire System inspection and the Certified Balcony Inspection which requires entry into every apartment.  We have scheduled them the same days to avoid having to enter apartments twice in quick succession.

There will be three teams for each inspection.  So starting off would be one fire team and one balcony team on floor 15, 14, 13 and continuing down the building.  Both teams feel they can work together to get this done. Each team only needs a couple of minutes in each unit to complete their task.

Maintenance will have their people opening the doors for the inspectors. I’m grateful for a few owner volunteers who responded to my plea for help.  They will follow behind and be sure the doors are closed and locked as the last inspectors leave the units.  This should help speed up the process as maintenance staff will continue to move forward with the inspectors, not have to back track being sure doors are locked .

 www.Summit-Resorts.com WEBSITE:  Josh has updated our website and it’s time to move it over for everyone to use!  In order to accommodate better security, and an easy transition for you, Josh has set it up to create your initial account with the password you are already used to. You will be able to change your password once the site is live and you are logged in.

The new website is to take affect the week of 1/21/2019. 
To logon to the new site:
User Name:  This will be your <OWNER EMAIL> that we currently have on file. This is the email that you provided to the Summit Owners Association.
Password:  soaowner2019

SECURITY: Security is continuing to recruit for staff. As a result of the hurricane the workforce has decreased with many people leaving the area due to lack of housing and other factors. Two security staff have been out sick causing us to have only one person on each shift. When you see a situation needing security attention, please call 700 from your room or 850-235-8700. The cell phone number for security is 850-258-8487.