Tuesday Topic 2019-04                                                 January 29, 2019

Restore One is continuing with drywall removal and replacement.

Those on the 14th floor- if you have not returned the appropriate letter to accept, defer or deny work in your apartment, please do so immediately. 

Those on the 13th floor should have received an email about Restore One beginning work on the 13th floor February 4, 2019. Please return the appropriate letter to accept, defer or deny work in your apartment

POOLS: People were enjoying the heated pool yesterday and soaking up the sun on the pool deck.   The west pool still needs some work. The motor is running intermittently as we await the arrival of the new motor. New timers are being installed on all of the hot tubs.

Shuffleboards and Tennis Courts: The new shuffleboards have arrived and will be placed down soon.  It must be warmer temperature for them to set properly. New nets were put up on the tennis court over the weekend.

Water Shut Off: On Tuesday January 29, water will be shut off on the east end (higher numbers) of the building while water leaks in some apartments are repaired. Every day there is at least one water leak reported somewhere on the property.

A big thank you to the owners that helped with the inspections last week by  following behind the inspectors to be sure the doors were closed and locked. 

 www.Summit-Resorts.com WEBSITE:  Scroll down on The Summit webpage, enter your email address and click subscribe.  You will receive any postings on the webpage in your personal email account. Additional documents will be added under the applicable headings soon.

General Manager: The recruiting announcement for the general manager closed on January 25. Board members are reviewing the qualified applicants and will conduct interviews soon.

There is a Board of Directors meeting on February 9, 2019.