Tuesday Topic 2019- 05                                         February 12, 2019

New CAM General Manager – The Summit Owners Association Board of Directors has selected Jerry Kennedy as the new CAM General Manager. His effective date will be February 27, 2019.

Beach Chair Rates: Seasonal Chairs for owners are $865 including city fee and sales tax. To reserve yours Email Anita at office@summit-resorts.com .

Owners daily rate $15 including city fee and sales tax

Guest Rates which include the city fee and sales tax will be: $35 for one day, $65 for 2 days, $95 for 3 days, $120 for 4 days, $140 5 for days, $160 for 6 days.

Packages and Mail

Over time the timeshare office has become the drop off location for packages and other mail deliveries. The number of packages delivered is about ten times what it was even three years ago.  Three weeks ago, there were about 50 items returned to sender that had been in the timeshare office, delivered between October 3 through January 10. The timeshare office is not a mail room or storage area.

Over the past two weeks we have received 252 items. One day there were 18 boxes for one addressee in addition to other packages. Another day a king headboard was delivered and placed in front of a supply cabinet. It remained in the office five days blocking access to needed supplies because it was so heavy the owner had to get help to move it. This past weekend there were 27 packages delivered.

The interruptions and distractions with people calling and coming to check for packages is a hinderance to the detail work and focus needed to accomplish the job.  Effective February 1, package pick up is between 2 p.m. and 4 p.m. I’ve spoken with both Fed Ex and UPS; Packages that are not picked up with 10 days will be returned to sender. 

Sliders and Windows – Since the hurricane, if you have noticed air or water coming in around your window or slider, a howling sound when the wind blows, problems opening your slider, or it was off track from the storm. Send a SHORT email to alan@restore-one letting him know. This should help document damage for the insurance carrier.