TUESDAY TOPIC, 4/30/2019

Tuesday Topic 2019-15                                                            April 30, 2019

Sprucing up the Property

Jerry has been working along with different Board members on several items to improve the access and overall appearance of the resort. The grounds team has been working hard to get as many projects done as possible before it gets busy.  Several areas have been or are being painted including trash can covers, front gate building, fences around the pool house and roof, roofs over outdoor restrooms, tables on east end grill area, restroom doors in lobby, and Anita’s office.

Grounds has also been working on landscaping with several more bushes, grasses, and flowers being planted. Front gate area bushes have been trimmed. Fertilizer was put on the grass last Thursday afternoon before the heavy showers. It is the first time the grounds have been fertilized in a while.    

The area to the right of the front gate as you exit the property, often referred to as the ‘boneyard’ has been cleaned out. We have made a grounds office out of one of the sheds in that area. This office will house all the non gas power tools for the grounds department in one locked area and the ground team members will report there each morning. Gas power equipment will be housed in the other shed.

Patrick and Jerry have worked on Mobi-mats for wheelchair, stroller and wagon access to the beach for our owners and guests.  We have received the City permit for the mat which means it will be able to remain down overnight.  

Chree and Jerry are working on getting new pool umbrellas. An owner vote is not necessary for these as umbrellas are not a permanent fixture.  Also a fence screen, (not a permanent fixture) on the west side of property between Student Breaks and the maintenance office which will hide the back side clutter of stored equipment on the Spinnakers side is being considered.

Board members Chree, Patrick, and Shad were appointed to an ad hoc paint committee to make recommendation to the board at the May 18 meeting for paint color for the building. Three different owners submitted suggestions for paint colors to the President and those were provided to the ad hoc paint committee for consideration also.                                               

Restore One is continuing to work toward getting the insurance carrier to approve replacement of all windows, doors, and sliders as well as stucco and painting of the building. We want to have color selected so we will be able to have a vote on the color at the annual meeting and be able to move forward with the painting. We have not had a quorum present at the owners meeting in several years.  If someone is not physically present they need to vote and return their proxy which counts toward the quorum and toward the vote.  

OWNERS, we will need volunteers to call other owners encouraging them to be sure and vote their proxy at the annual meeting. We must have at least two thirds (67%) yes votes to be able to change the color of the building.  If you are willing to help with this when the time comes please email Teri with your name, unit number and phone number at teritowe@comcast.net.  It would be ideal to have at least two owners from each floor.

RESTORE ONE UPDATE: Work is continuing on Bikini Bob’sand throughout the property. Restore One is continuing to seek timely response from various contractors including plumbing, electrical and fabricators so progress is slow in getting back lights and the back gate repaired.  They have  94 units completed and are beginning work on units on the 10th, 9th and 8th floors April 29. It was announced Hurricane Michael was upgraded to a Cat 5, however we are not certain what that means as far as insurance coverage.