Tuesday Topic 2019-17                                                                            May 14, 2019

Armbands, Security, Board Meeting

In February 2018 a parking and armband ad hoc committee was formed to develop a policy because of owner concerns and complaints about these topics. The policy for armband states owners and rental guests that they are required to wear, or have in their possession, armbands. A copy of the policy was mailed to owners in March 2018 with the invoice for the April dues.  The topic was addressed again in June 2018 in the Tuesday Topic TT 2018-16. 

A copy of the current rules were included in the recent mailing of the payment coupons to all owners. The rules state wristbands must be displayed. “Displayed” includes having it on your arm, attached to a swimsuit, or attached to an item in your possession, so that the band is visible.  Sometimes, however, people have it in their pocket or in a bag and it is not visible.  This certainly makes it harder on security, but they are asking individuals without visible armbands.  The general manager recently asked people he saw without armbands, one had in the pocket of their swim trunks and one in their bag. One was an owner and stated he was glad to see someone was asking.

Owners of ASA Security, Michelle and William have been on site two or three times a day the last couple of weeks.  Michelle told me part of the issue is that a lot of the rules had not been enforced in the past. Owners and guests have gotten used to being able to do what they wanted. On average, our general manager has 4 to 5 “conversations” a week from mainly guests but some owners about “when did the rules change?”, “always been able to do this in the past” etc. 

            When ASA Security staff sees unacceptable behavior or are told about it, action is taken.  There are at most 3 to 4 security staff on any shift. They can’t see everything. They have been responsive when valid complaints are brought to their attention.

Owners have responsibilities too. Owners should not be allowing housecleaners and families or any local friends use the common areas. Security has identified a number of housecleaners and ‘friends of owners’ who are using our amenities saying the owners have told them they could. This is against the rules.

We all, management, owners and ASA Security are in this together. We all want what is best for the Summit. I continue to ask owners to please notify security, the general manager, or any board member when you see things wrong. We can’t address concerns if they are not brought to our attention through the proper channels.   Board of Directors Meeting May 18, 9 AM, The Summit Owners Lounge – If you are knowledgeable in cable, Wi-Fi, internet, TV and willing to serve on committee to find solutions for TV,  please contact Teri at teritowe@comcast.net