Tuesday Topic 2019-18                                                 May 21, 2018

From the Legislative Session:  Senate Bill 1128 which would have criminalized fraudulent emotional support animal (ESA) requests was withdrawn from consideration and did not pass. The purpose of this important piece of legislation by Senator Manny Diaz was to reduce the number of people misrepresenting their pets as assistance animals.

House Bill 7103  Three years ago The Summit achieved the vote to opt out of having to install full sprinkler system, there was a requirement to  install an Engineered Life Safety System (ELSS) by the end of 2019. After talking with the local fire marshal, Many communities, including ours, have done nothing to fund or move forward hoping the rule would be changed. 

HB 7103 Total opt out right were not achieved, so communities now have until the end of 2023 to install an ELSS.  We need to consider when doing budget for upcoming year.

Just a reminder policies of The Summit are posted on The Summit website > www.summit-resorts.com

Rules were included in the most recent mailing with the payment coupon books.  Please make your guests aware of the rules.  Security is enforcing the rules as requested by the owners. 

With the holiday weekend coming up, we will be limiting parking to 1 parking pass for 1 and 2 bedroom units and 2 passes for 3 bedroom units.  This is the same procedure used in the past. This will start today and go through Monday. Should you have questions, Contact Jerry, our general manager 850-235-8795.

Paint schemes were presented for viewing and comment at the meeting last week.  They are on display in front of Anita and Jerry’s office at the Summit. Chantale has also posted polls on the Owners Facebook page.  We must have a 67% vote of owners to be able to change the paint scheme for the exterior of the building.  The vote for this will be included in the September owner meeting packet.  We need everyone to vote if we want a more updated building paint color.  If you are willing to help call owners to encourage them to vote, please contact me at teritowe@comcast.net .