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Voting Certificate

A voting Certificate is required for a vote in an election to be counted, a valid voting certificate is required for each unit and for each timeshare week owned.

To be valid the voting certificate must be completed accurately.  A blank voting certificate will be included in your second notice of annual meeting.  Each year we have problems with some voting certificates not being completed accurately which affects the ballots of those owners.  If such a certificate is not on file, the vote of such owner shall not be considered in determining the requirement for a quorum nor any other purpose. 

When an apartment is owned by more than one person, the person entitled to cast the vote for the apartment shall be designated by a certificate signed by all of the record owners of the apartment.   Each person listed on the title/deed must SIGN the voting certificate. By their signature they are showing they agree with the designated voter.  One person CANNOT print or sign the names of the other owners. 

The Voting certificate has four different categories on it. You complete ONLY the category according to how your property is deeded.

If the deed lists Towe Living Trust as the owner, the “Trust” category of voting certificate must be completed.  If the deed lists Give a Wish, LLC as the owner, the “Corporation” portion must be completed with the appropriate officers signing. If the deed list McClain Partnership, the “Partnership” category is to be completed.

The name and signature of the authorized voter on the ballot envelope must agree with the authorized voter documented on the voting certificate for the ballot to be counted.  If I am the authorized voter and my voting certificate documents Theresa Towe, and I were to write Teri (my nickname) Towe on the ballot envelope, the ballot is considered invalid because the names do not match. My vote would not be counted.

An example of how to complete the voting certificate is listed on the official website at:


The voting certificates are kept in the bookkeeper’s office. Certificates are valid until revoked or superseded by a subsequent certificate or a change in the ownership of the apartment concerned.