Tuesday Topic 2019                                                            July 23, 2019

Lawsuits – Could Facebook be used against us?

Last week an owner questioned me about postings on The Summit Owners Page being used against us in a lawsuit. I responded I don’t know.  I do know that question has come up during general discussion at a board meeting as well as the question about the videos of board meetings being subpoenaed.   

This owner’s concern was a recent posting on the Facebook Summit Owners page about water pooling in an area and an accident that occurred detailing injuries to persons involved. She continued, saying the post said something needed to be done about it which insinuates it has been a problem and not taken care of which could cost us a bunch more money if they did file a lawsuit.  I don’t know but why take a chance?

Instead of posting problems on Facebook – When you see a problem or have a concern, Please tell the general manager about it.  Jerry can be reached at 850.235.8795 office number or by email summitgm@summit-resorts.com. Our general manager is responsible for the day to day operations of our property. He is doing a great job. Although Jerry walks the property and sees a lot of things, he cannot see everything.  We want and strive for a safe environment for everyone. Tell him when you see a problem.   

In searching the internet you find cautions “What you post on a Facebook, as well as other social networks, can easily come back to haunt you; and it isn’t just jobs and relationships being destroyed, it’s also a matter of lawsuits being filed.” There is an article dated August of 2010 titled Five easy way to get sued on Facebook.  

The article states lawsuits may be an impending wave more than a current one, but the risk is very real.

Facebook itself has a very poor privacy reputation and has been sued over it but users also contribute to the problem. With Facebook enabling tagging of posts and photos, nothing is really ‘private’.

When you see something on the property that needs attention,

Say something to the General Manager.