Tuesday Topic 2019-26                                                                           July 30, 2019

A BUSY JULY; Intent to Run Notice Due; Annual Meeting Coming Up;

Intent to run notice due August 5. If you wish to be a candidate for election to the Board and have your name included on the ballot, provide written notice to the association by or before August 5. The one sided 8 ½ by 11 inch information sheet must be received by August 11, 2019.

POSITIVE COMMENTS! We had many positive comments on the Tim McDonald July 4th holiday show. The new umbrellas arrived just before the holiday week along with the additional loungers and regular pool chairs. Folks are loving the higher loungers and the Mobi Mat has been a HUGE plus with MANY guests and owners giving us compliments for it.

Paint Scheme 5 on Front Guard Shack The front gate building has been painted in color scheme 5 which had the most votes from the poll on the Facebook Owners page. Several comments about it being too white. Another option is being considered. Give your comments to Chree DeLoache, Patrick Conner or Shad Smith, members of the paint committee.

The resort has been extremely busy the last couple of weeks with little slow down after the July 4th week. The pools have been getting a workout with Hurricane Barry closing the Gulf water a couple of weeks ago along with the threat of flesh-eating bacteria in the Gulf water. 

Grounds have been busy with the usual summer items and several additional tasks. They have completed cleaning out all the dead and overgrown vegetation around the building and the front gate area. The plan is to plant centipede grass around the building with some additional tall grass bunches as backdrop which will give the building and grounds a cleaner feel. It looks much cleaner and we have gotten rid of the threat of rodents and snakes. The traffic and winds shift the sand and frequently cover the Mobi Mat. Grounds tries to reset the mats every 7 to 10 days which is a half day job.  The landscape stakes holding it in place are a foot long.

Restore One has completed the back fence and it looks very good with the straightened boards and new paint. The gate company brought the new gate last week but there were some modifications needed.                                                                                                         My understanding is we may be able to start the permanent roof installation in the next few weeks. There will be some parking shutdowns in the front of the building during the installation. We will let the owners know when we have more information on what will be involved.

While I (Teri) was sitting in for general manager in January, a railing inspection was started but it only accessed about half the units. State regulations require every railing – not just balconies to be inspected. I dropped the ball on the follow up which resulted in the July railing inspections. I apologize for the inconvenience caused.  We were informed on June 17th that the 3 year state required inspection had not been turned in and had 30 days to get it done.  Jerry got it done asap because the State could close the building down on July 17th.  It was a life safety issue. It could not wait. We have eight railings remaining with issues.  The posts must be fabricated. The contractors will be back as soon as they get new posts made as that is what these remaining ones need in order to pass inspection.  

Board and Annual Owners meetings September 14, 2019. The administrative staff is readying the owner packets to be mailed for the annual meeting. There will be a 9 AM Board meeting before the 11 AM Annual meeting. Resort Collection sponsored dinner will be Saturday night. More details later.