Tuesday Topic 2019-29                                              August 20, 2019

Owners meeting, Organizational Meeting, and Board of Directors meetings

What we owners frequently call the Owners meeting or Annual meeting is called “Members Meetings” in The Summit Bylaws. The annual members meeting is held each year on a date in September. The purpose is to elect directors and transact any other business authorized to be transacted by the members. 

A quorum of members must be present or represented by proxy in order to hold a meeting.  The quorum requirement is found in Paragraph 8 of the Bylaws.  It is the “persons entitled to cast a majority of the votes of the entire membership”.  Based upon a title of 449 condominium units (including timeshare units) the quorum would be 225 votes present in person or by proxy in order to conduct business at an owners/members meeting.  We have not had a quorum of members in several years. In order to pass any concept, act, or material alteration, the condo act requires a majority vote at a meeting where a quorum is present.  BE SURE TO MAIL YOUR PROXY.

The Director’s Organizational Meeting is usually held immediately after the members meeting.  According to our bylaws it is to be held within 10 days after the election of Directors at such place and time as affixed by the directors at the meeting at which they were elected, and no further notice of the meeting is necessary.  The purpose of this meeting is for the board to elect officers, establish committees, and determine dates of the upcoming board meetings for the year ahead.

The other type of meeting discussed in the Bylaws is “Regular Meetings”. These are what we call Board of Director Meetings. Meetings of the Board of Directors are open to all apartment owners. A quorum at director’s meetings consists of a majority of the Board of Directors. The Summit Owners Association has 9 directors so five directors constitute a quorum. The Board of Directors run condo corporations on behalf of owners. They represent owners. It’s important for owners to let your board members know your concerns or desires. The board members are responsible for making all major decisions regarding the association, policies, maintenance of buildings and grounds, finances, and must uphold and enforce the Condo Act, the declaration, articles, by-laws, and rules of the association.