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Rules for Documenting with Media

Rules for recording/videotaping Board of Directors meetings as per Florida Administrative Code 61B-23.002(10)

Any unit owner may tape record or videotape meetings of the board of administration, committee meetings, or unit owner meetings, subject to the following restrictions.

  1. The device use to record/video tape may not produce distracting sound or light emissions.
  2. Advance notice shall be given to the board by any unit owner desiring to utilize any audio or video equipment.
  3. Audio and video equipment shall be assembled and placed in positon in advance of the beginning of the meeting.
  4. Anyone videotaping or recording a meeting shall not be permitted to move about the meeting room in order to facilitate the recording.
  5. Recording equipment may not block aisles or walkways or create any type of tripping hazard nor may it block the view of the unit owners or the BOD members.